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A personal message from Nr.1 Bestselling author Sarah Jasmin Cartsburg

Hi, I have created these 3 powerful Meditations to help you within minutes - no matter where you are stuck in your life.


No matter wether your are a total beginner or very advanced in your spiritual practices.

EVERY single person I´ve ever worked with has found tremendous value in my ThetaMeditations.
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ThetaMeditations are the most powerful tool I´ve ever created.

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1. Heal your past.

Let go of experiences and people who have hurt you.
Allow your heart to open up to love again - with ease, trust and confidence.

2. Get access to your true inner power.

Remember who you really are and find clarity.

3. Ascend your being to the next level
of existence.

Enhance your inner calm with supportive sustenance.

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