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Everything you need to know as a highly sensitive and how to know it if you are one

highly sensitive indigo Jul 09, 2023
highly sensitive person

Are you a highly sensitive person? In this episode, we will find out what it means to be highly sensitive person, and especially what you can do about it? How you can make most out of this special gift?



Being a highly sensitive person, I understand your struggles and it’s easy to believe that this is a burden.


In today’s episode we will talk about:

  • My journey of finding out I am a sensitive person, and the instances that led to the realisation.
  • How your emotions may change due to the people’s emotions around you.
  • Changing your perception towards sensitivity from a burden to a great advantage.
  • Leaning Practising to not pick up on thoughts and emotions of other people that you don’t wish to have.
  • Breaking the myth and differentiating between high sensitivity and hyper sensitivity.
  • Making conscious decisions to make the best out of your high sensitivity.
  • Very often, highly sensitive people are also Indigo people, for more information on this please check out this episode.
  • Letting go of emotions you can subconsciously pick off the people around you.
  • Monitoring your thoughts and emotions and guarding them.


Integrate a ritual into your life in the evening that helps you free your aura. 

Use meditation as a tool to spend time going inwards, as you will stop picking all the energies from outside.


I will give you some tools and strategies gift for you today. I have created a very special Download that will help you to deal with these things more effectively. They will help you free time and make you aware of the things that harmfully influencing you every day. 


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