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How does past life regression therapy work? And is it the right method to help you?

past life regressions reincarnation therapy Jul 21, 2023

In today's episode, I will answer a few questions about past life regression and reincarnation therapy I get asked a lot.

If you ever thought about doing a past life regression, this episode will help you make a better choice of whether past life regression and reincarnation therapy would help you to improve the quality of your life tremendously.

How does reincarnation therapy work, and do I have to believe in it?

Do I have to believe in past lives in order to get the benefits from it?

No, you don't have to believe in it. It helps because you open up more quickly, but it's absolutely not necessary, because the way reincarnation therapy works is that you reprogram your subconscious beliefs, and your subconscious beliefs are responsible for your everyday experiences and your feelings, your emotions, your thoughts and everything you attract according to quantum physics.

The problem is how to change subconscious beliefs that are installed deeply in your subconscious mind. Some of them are installed so deeply that you don't even know about them because you have been having them since you were born, so you think they are normal. You might even believe that everyone is perceiving the world through the same filter as you are, but that's not the truth, so especially the beliefs that you have carried around with you your entire life are usually coming from a past life or they are coming from the time that you spent in your mother's womb, but, either way, a regression therapy will help you there to reprogram the subconscious belief.

If you believe in the images you get and the visions you have and the emotions you relive during a reincarnation session, it doesn't matter, because what matters is the transformation that you go through and the benefit that you will have afterwards in your daily life because you have reprogrammed your subconscious and, therefore, experience life on another level, on another level of perception, and that really changes everything.

How do you handle the memories you get during reincarnation therapy?


First of all, you should never use hypnosis during past life regression therapy because hypnosis takes away your natural guard, your natural protection. A good reincarnation therapist, he will help you work with the memories that you remember to benefit from them. He will help you to forgive, to let go of old feelings that have held you back for ages and he will help you recover the parts of your soul that you have left in the past life because of a traumatic experience.

If you didn't use hypnosis during a reincarnation session and if you worked together with a good therapist, then, no, you don't have to handle your memories afterwards. After the session, you should feel really amazing, and the things you remembered, they might still be there somewhere in your mind and you might not forget them instantly, but they will not influence you in your daily life. It's more just like this dream you had and, after a while, it will fade away from your memories. What you will take with you is the change, is the transformation and the new belief systems that have been installed in your brain successfully.

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How many session do I need to really benefit from reincarnation therapy?


With a good therapist, you need only one session for each big life topic.

For example, if one of your big, big, big issues in life that just comes up every day is being afraid, and that shows itself in many different ways, like you might even sleep bad because you have bad dreams or you're just afraid that things will happen to you that you don't have any control over, or you're afraid that something will happen to your children, or you're afraid that your husband will leave you alone and that you will be all alone again and just any kind of fear, for example, you should be able to resolve in one single session.

If you have another big life topic that's in your mind a lot, let's say you never have enough money and you're more busy trying to survive to be able to pay your bills than to really enjoy your life because you just never have enough money and that takes up a lot of your time and energy, that would be another topic that could be solved in one single session if you worked together with a good reincarnation therapist, which is awesome.

I mean, how many techniques do you know where, in just one session that lasts between one to two and a half hours, you can get rid of a problem that you have been carrying with you your entire life?

The reason why I'm such a big fan of reincarnation therapy and why I use it in my work with clients is because it brings results so quickly. I have tried so many different therapy techniques, maybe 90% of all the therapy techniques that exist on this planet, because I'm just a very curious person and I want to try them all out.

I don't say that reincarnation therapy is the only successful technique that's out there. I'm sure there are many other amazing techniques out there, and if you found a technique that works for you, great, then stick with it, but if you still haven't found a technique that really helps you, that really pushes you to a new level where you can really feel and see and experience a great benefit in your everyday life after going through the sessions, then maybe you should try reincarnation therapy.

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Why is it so important to ask these three questions before you ever go to any past life regression therapy?


In my own life, I've had some really, really bad experiences with past life regression therapy. That was when I just started to find out everything about past life regression and how it could benefit me, and I was really excited that I just tried different therapists. I didn't know what to look for. I mean, they said, "I'm an experienced reincarnation therapist." They seemed like people I could trust and, after all, some of them had even written books and had a lot of experience, but, still, some of these past life regression sessions turned out really, really bad.

For example, one time, I remembered a past life together with a therapist during a session, and the therapist, for some reason, he was not qualified enough to get me out of that life again. I mean, he was ending the session and he was believing that he had helped me and that he had really ended the session, but he lacked the experience and the clairvoyant gifts to see, to feel, to understand that a part of me was still stuck in that old life and the negative experience of that old life, so what happened afterwards was that, for the next three months, imagine three months is a really long time if you don't feel good, I was just crying every day.

I was believing that everything was against me, that I was all alone and everyone was my enemy, and it was terrible. I'm telling you, that was exactly the feeling that I have had in the past life regression therapy and that my therapist believed he had cured me from. I wouldn't even be angry if he had managed to cure me from it. It was a really long story and we went very deep, but leaving me in that state and allowing me to go back to my normal life without even telling me that he didn't get me back properly, I really seriously don't wish for anyone on this planet to have this experience like I had.

I had good luck because a friend of mine, she's a clairvoyant and very spiritual, she realized what was going on with me. I didn't even know why I was feeling so bad. I didn't connect it to that past life regression session at that time because I didn't understand enough about the whole topic, so she connected me with a good, qualified reincarnation therapist, and she cured me from it luckily and, after that, I was just incredibly happy again.

The person I've had that session with at the time, the qualified reincarnation therapist, she was also the woman who I learned from because she wasn't just a therapist, but she happened to also be a reincarnation teacher. Good luck for me.


To make sure you work together with a good therapist, you can download my free three-question checklist HERE for free.


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