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How to awaken your light body and 12 Strand DNA

12 strand dna light body May 14, 2023
activate your 12 Strand DNA

Welcome back to another episode of the Magic Power Podcast! I’m your host Sarah Jasmin Cartsburg and today’s episode I want to share with you one the most magical moments in my life.


Shortly after my son was born, I was confused if I had chosen the right path in life for myself. I was looking for signs from the universe, to reassure myself.


In this episode, I will discuss -

  • Discovering a crop circle near my house and spending a night there with my friends.
  • My approach towards trying to find out if the crop circle were real.
  • My experience of connecting and communicating with the beings from another dimension that night.
  • How I found out that the crop circle’s purpose was to raise the consciousness of the entire area and of the people who visited it.
  • What it feels like to have your 12 strand DNA activated inside you, as I elaborate my own experience.
  • My encounter with the spiritual beings, and what they asked from me.
  • What to expect during the process of meditation, activating your 12 strand DNA and accepting it as a step by step progress.



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