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My magical journey through life and why this podcast is going to help you

May 23, 2023

Do you remember the biggest dream you had when you were a teenager? My biggest dream, although a little unconventional, was to become enlightened!



In today’s episode, I will share:

  • The traumatic experience that made me question my existence and everything around me.
  • The emotional change in me in the while that I was dealing with this instance and my quest of happiness ever since.
  • My experience with being introduced to meditation, and whether it helped me on the process to happiness.
  • The yearlong trip I took overseas as a teenager to learn more about meditations.
  • The first instance of enlightenment I had at a meditation retreat program in Thailand.
  • My quest of learning and finding the best meditation techniques out there.
  • How reincarnation therapy provided me the next breakthrough, through the spiritual knowledge, abilities and clairvoyance that had already happened to me.
  • One session of reincarnation therapy made my spiritual gifts free, made my spiritual journey so much easier.
  • Why I followed my intuitions and moved to Nepal on my spiritual journey.
  • The ups and downs throughout my spiritual journey, from peaks of happiness to the lows of sickness during my travels.
  • The reasons behind moving back home and choosing to continue my spiritual journey back home.
  • Consciously understanding your purpose in life, and why you have been sent on earth.


I also share all the valuable lessons I have learned throughout my spiritual journey.


To start your spiritual journey, I want to invite you try some of the free meditations that I have created for that you can find on my website


Download your free meditation and start your journey now!


Learn how i found my life´s purpose and created a magical life - and how I am going to help you do the same for your life!


Enjoy your next step on your magical journey through life by listening now.

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