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alpha beta brainwaves May 12, 2023
alpha and beta brainwaves

This episode is one of my series of brain waves and brainwave entertainment and how to use this amazing technology to make your life better, to reach your goals and to access your subconscious. Please remember to listen to part one of the series as it gives you a deeper understanding of the topic we discuss today.



**This episode contains adult language.


Today we will be talking about alpha and beta brainwaves and the shifts in brainwaves patterns we carry. These keep shifting, for instance children up to the age of 6 years are usually in beta all day long.


Why is it so important to know about brainwaves?

They influence how you feel, how you interact, your focus, how you recover, concentrate, meditate. Listen for more examples!


Beta State of mind (13-40 HZ)


  • Your body can only recover in this state of mind.
  • Desired state of mind if you want to study. Full concentration. If mind shouldn’t wander off.
  • You are in the here and now
  • Dream like state of consciousness.



Alpha state of mind (8-12 HZ)


  • The fully conscious state of your mind.
  • Alpha Is a very relaxed and pleasurable state of mind. Creative people are in alpha most of the day. In alpha your creative ideas and insights are sparked.
  • It is an important state of mind to reduce your stress level. Being in alpha gives you mellow relaxed feeling while being alert and conscious.
  • There is no fear or anxiety in this state of mind.​


Binaural beats

To learn more about binaural beats, and how they can be used to shift brainwave patterns accordingly, please listen to Part 1 of this series.


Certain musical beats are designed music tracks, that if you listen to them with headphones you can produce you desired state of mind.



If you want to check out a special meditation, I created for you that you can access for FREE.



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